Microwave Coverage

Built-in Microwave

A built-in microwave is any microwave that is installed into the cabinetry or above the stove/range. We do not cover freestanding microwaves such as counter-top or portable units.


All Parts except Exclusions

All parts not listed in the "Not Covered" section are covered. Coverage includes all the mechanical components that contribute to the microwave's primary cooking function.

Not Covered

Touch Panel/Display

Unfortunately, touch panels generally fail because they have been damaged by being used roughly or exposed to water, both of which are not covered by AFC. The other reason they fail is manufacturing defect, which is the manufacturer's responsibility.

We do, however, cover the control board that governs the touch screen.

Nonmechanical parts

Doors & Glass - Doors and glass contain no mechanical parts and only fail due to damage from misuses or accident.

Handles - Handles contain no mechanical parts and only fail due to damage from misuses or accident.

Interior Linings - The lining contains no mechanical parts and can degrade gradually from lack of cleaning.

Seals - Seals, usually around the door, only fail through misuse or corrosion from a serious lack of cleaning. They can also be easily replaced without tools.

Trays & Shelves - These are handy, but the microwave functions without them, and they only fail if they are broken through misuse or accident. Shelves may rust if they are never cleaned.

Trim Kits - Trim kits are cosmetic pieces to make the installed microwave look better. The trim kit contains no mechanical parts and does not require a technician to install.

Auxillary Items

Lights - Lights are handy but do not affect the function of the microwave. If the light bulb needs replacement, the process is cheap and easy to do yourself.


The clock is handy, but has no effect on the function of the microwave. If you need to reset the clock, there are usually instructions on the unit. If not, consult the manual or search online.

Hinges - Hinges on the door only break due to misuse and can be easily repaired at home for little cost and with only basic tools.

Fans - Fans do not affect the function of the microwave.


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