Central Vac Coverage

Central Vacuum

We cover the major mechanical components of your home central vacuum. Read more below!


All Parts Except Exclusions

We cover all parts of the central vacuum, but there are limits on what we cover. See the "Not Covered" section.

Not Covered

Non-mechanical Items

These items contain no mechanical parts and fail only due to damage.

Ducts - The ducts only fail due to damage from misuse or settling.

HosesThe hoses contain no mechanical parts and only fail due to damage from misuse.

Accessories - Accessories like nozzles and attachments are separate from the system and do not require installation or mechanical repair.


AFC is here to repair mechanical failures to the central vacuum. A clog or blockage is not a mechanical failure. Blockages can be prevented through proper use and/or maintenance.

Floor, Wall or Ceiling Access

When locating or repairing a malfunction, the labor to access or close an opening in the floor, wall, or ceiling is the responsibility of the homeowner. Most properly installed central vacs, however, allow access without this labor.

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