Clothes Dryer Coverage

Clothes Dryer

We cover the major mechanical components of your gas or electric dryer. Read more below!


The control board is an electronic circuit board that manages the functions of the unit.
This is a fail-safe to keep the dryer from overheating. If the dryer exceeds a certain temperature, the fuse will blow, breaking the electrical connection that powers the unit.
Attached to front bulkhead, the drum glide helps keep the drum turning smoothly and evenly.
On gas dryers, this controls the opening and closing of the gas valve, which allows gas to flow to the burner.
The water inlet valve controls how much water enters the unit. It also controls the mix of water temperatures.
On older gas dryers, the pilot burner maintains a flame that ignites natural gas as the gas flows by the burner.
On electric dryers, the heating element consists of coils that generate heat in much the same way that a lightbulb filament generates light.
This refers to the heating element and its housing.
The thermostat monitors the temperature in the blower housing and turns the heating element on or off to maintain the desired temperature for drying.
The timer controls how long certain cycles and functions last during the drying process.
Sometimes called drum support rollers, these support the drum as it rotates.
Some gas dryers have an electric igniter that ignites gas to generate heat.
The drive belt is connected to the drive motor and the drum, and it rotates the drum using power from the motor.
A thermistor is a resistor that increases resistance as the temperature increases. They are used like fuses to shut down the unit if it the temperature gets too high.
This keeps the belt tight so that the belt can properly grip and rotate the drum when it is engaged.
The idler assembly contains a spring and an arm that keep the idler puller functioning correctly.
This is another fail-safe that shuts off the unit to keep the dryer from overheating.
This is another fail-safe that shuts off the unit to keep the dryer from overheating.
The power pack consists of a transformer or inverter.
The blower wheel is attached to the drive motor and blows air through the drum and into the exhaust vent.
On gas dryers, the flame sensor shuts down the gas valve if the igniter or pilot burner are not working properly. This stops the flow of gas for safety reasons.
The drive motor powers the rotation of the drum, so it’s responsible for the tumbling motion. It also turns the blower wheel which circulates heated air through the drum, drying the clothes.
We don’t generally cover knobs, but because this particular knob controls the timer, which controls the critical functions of the unit, we cover it!
Connects support roller to the shaft where it’s mounted.

Not Covered

The drum is the innermost layer of the basket that contains the clothing. The
tub is the outer layer. These can’t break down mechanically and can only be damaged through serious misuse.

Replacement drums and tubs for some models can be easily purchased through Encompass, our parts supplier.
Unfortunately, touch panels generally fail because they have been damaged by being used roughly or exposed to water, both of which are not covered by AFC. The other reason they fail is manufacturing defect, which is the manufacturer’s responsibility.

We do, however, cover the control board that governs the touch screen.
These fail on a washer due to damage, either from overloading or other misuse. They do not fail mechanically. Seals and gaskets for some models can be found through our parts supplier Encompass.
The vent ducts are separate from the dryer. They’re also cheap and easy to repair or replace. Dryer vent kits, parts, and accessories can be purchased online directly from Encompass, our parts supplier.

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