Clothes Washer Coverage

Clothes Washer

We cover the major mechanical components of your washer. Read more below!


Main Control Board

The control board is an electronic circuit board that manages the functions of the unit.

Motor Coupling

The motor coupling is a flexible coupling that connects to the motor shaft. If the drive system gets stuck or seizes, the coupling breaks to protect the motor.

Drain Pump

The drain pump controls the flow of water in the tub. It can drain the water or recirculate it for washing or rinsing.



The agitator is in the center of the tub, and it rotates to move the clothes around inside the tub, getting them cleaner.

Water Inlet Valve

The water inlet valve controls how much water enters the unit. It also controls the mix of water temperatures.

Clutch Retainer

This is a safety device to keep the motor and clutch securely connected.

Shock Absorber

These go between the outer tub and the appliance bas, and during the spin cycle the keep the unit from shaking uncontrollably.

Shock Dampening Device

A strap or straps that provide stability to the unit and stop excess vibration.

Drive Belt

The drive belt is connected to the drive motor and the drum, and it rotates the tub using power from the motor.

Suspension Spring

Suspension springs help to minimize movement of the stationary base of the appliance by providing a suspension for the spinning parts.

Shipping Bolt

These secure the tub when the unit is being moved (for installation or repair, for instance).

Lid Switch

The lid switch allows the unit to begin or continue a cycle only when the lid is properly closed.

Drain Hose

The drain hose connects the drain pump to a drain line in the home’s plumbing.

Mounting Clip

This clip is used to mount parts like panels and pumps onto the unit.

Suspension Rod

Suspension rods help to minimize movement of the stationary base of the appliance by providing a suspension for the spinning parts.

Shift Actuator

This shifts the function of the unit between the spin cycle and the agitator.

Rotor Suspension Sensor

The sensor sends information about the motor's performance to the main control board.

Belt Kit

This includes all necessary belts, washers, gaskets, and belt stretcher. Technicians frequently replace all parts in the kit together instead of replacing only one belt.

Idler Assembly

The idler assembly contains a spring and an arm that keep the idler puller functioning correctly.

Not Covered


The term drum simply refers to the innermost layer of the basket that contains the clothing. The drum can’t break down mechanically and can only be damaged through serious misuse.


The tub refers to the outer layer of the basket that contains the clothing. It can’t break down mechanically and can only be damaged through serious misuse.

Touch Panel/Display

Unfortunately, touch panels generally fail because they have been damaged by being used roughly or exposed to water, both of which are not covered by AFC. The other reason they fail is manufacturing defect, which is the manufacturer's responsibility.

We do, however, cover the control board that governs the touch screen.

Failure from Overloading

Overloading a washing machine puts unnecessary stress on all moving parts and greatly increases the chance of malfunction. You can find instructions on capacity on the unit, in the instruction manual, and/or from the manufacturer.

Spider Bracket

The spider bracket fails due to overloading the unit, which is not covered (see "Failure from Overloading" above). Washers have a maximum fill line on the unit, and the instruction manual also goes over load limits for the appliance.

Seals & Gaskets

These fail on a washer due to damage, either from overloading or other misuse. They do not fail mechanically. Seals and gaskets for some models can be found online through Encompass, our parts supplier.

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