Dishwasher Coverage


We cover the major mechanical components to your dishwasher. Read more below!


Heating Element

The heating element has two main functions: to heat up water so that is gets dishes cleaner, and to heat the air after washing to help dry the dishes.


During washing, the pump forces water into the washer arm. The pump also sends water to the drain.

Drain Valve

This valve controls when to allow water to drain out of the dishwasher.

Motor Assembly

The motor powers the movement of the washer arm.


The timer controls the duration of different cycles while the unit is running. It coordinates functions like water intake, washing, drying, draining, etc.

Float Switch

If the timer fails, this fail-safe shuts off the water supply coming into the dishwasher before the unit overflows.

Inlet valve

This fills the dishwasher the proper amount of water.

Internal Hoses

These hoses route water throughout the unit.

Thermal Fuse

The thermal fuse is a fail-safe. The fuse blows if the temperature gets too high, which shuts down the system.

Washer Arm

The washer arm sprays dishes with hot water at high pressure. It spins for total coverage.

Not Covered

Control Board

The dishwasher is the only item for which we do not cover the control board. We don't cover the board because its often damaged by water from the unit or it simply fails because of all-too-common manufacturing defects.

If your control board malfunctions and it's not because it was exposed to water, contact your manufacturer to see if your control board has been recalled.

Touch Panel/Display

Unfortunately, touch panels generally fail because they have been damaged by being used roughly or exposed to water, both of which are not covered by AFC. The other reason they fail is manufacturing defect, which is the manufacturer's responsibility.


The racks contain no mechanical parts and only fail when damaged or overloaded. Replacement racks, rack parts, and rack repair kits are available for a range of models through our partnership with Encompass, our parts supplier.

Soap Dispenser

The soap dispenser contains no mechanical parts and only fails when damaged or broken. The unit works just fine without them, but they are also easy and cheap to fix. Soap dispensers for some models are available through our partnership with Encompass.

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