Ductwork Coverage


We cover your home's ductwork. Find out more below!


All Standard Ductwork throughout the Residence

Ductwork carries heated or cooled air from the HVAC system to vents throughout the home.

Attachments to HVAC Units

The areas where ductwork attaches to the interior HVAC unit is a common site of ductwork issues.

Not Covered

Ductwork exposed to Outside Elements

Ductwork exposed to the elements is subject to rust, corrosion, and extreme temperature change.

Improperly Sized Ductwork

If the correct size ductwork was not used at the time of installation, and that causes issues with the performance of the system, that is the responsibility of the installer.

Separation due to Settlement and/or lack of Support

If the or its foundation home settles, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to make sure that the air flow is not affected. Homeowner’s insurance may cover this issue.


AFC is here if you experience a breakdown, but cleaning and other routine maintenance is the homeowner's responsibility.

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