Garage Door Opener Coverage

Garage Door Opener

We cover the major mechanical components of your garage door opener. We cover up to two units per home. Please note that this coverage is for the garage door opener appliances, not for the garage doors, which may be covered by homeowner's insurance.


The motor provides the power that opens and closes the garage door.
The capacitor is an electrical component that assists with the operation of the motor.
This drives the chain the open and closes the garage door.
The helical gear transfers the direction of motion between the motor and the chain.
The limit switch controls how hard the opener pulls in order to open the door.
This is the electronic board that controls the operation of the unit.
This keeps the chain taut and aligned with the unit to ensure smooth operation.
These sensors ensure safe operation by checking that the area is clear for the door to close.

Not Covered

Springs, tracks, and doors are all part of the garage door itself and are not part of the opener. For example, if you were to purchase a new garage door opener from a store or a contractor, it would not come with springs, tracks, or doors.
Only belt-driven garage door openers contain belts, and these are made to last for the lifetime of the unit, so if they fail it is likely a sign of improper installation or damage.
These items are easy to replace without a technician and almost always fail because they are either out of batteries or have been damaged.

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