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Kitchen Refrigerator

We cover the major working components of the refrigerator in your kitchen. If you have more than one refrigerator in the home, you can easily add coverage for second refrigerator for an additional fee. Call 1866-242-0629 for more information on adding duplicate items to your coverage.


The control board is an electronic circuit board that manages the functions of the unit.
This motor controls the fan that circulates over the condensing coils and throughout the interior, cooling the refrigerator’s content.

The thermistor sends temperature information to the thermostat and/or control board to maintain temperatures.

The inverter helps to start the cooling system and converts AC current to DC current for the sake of the compressor.

This compresses the refrigerant to increase the amount of heat the refrigerant releases at the evaporator coils.
This is a fail-safe that shuts off the unit to keep it from overheating.
The thermostat controls the target temperature of the fridge’s interior.
The defrost thermostat controls the defrost function, shutting it off once the evaporator coils have defrosted.
The temperature sensor sends temperature information to the thermostat and/or control board to maintain temperatures.
This small heater is usually located under the evaporator coils, and defrosts them so that the unit can function correctly.
This motor controls the fan that circulates over the evaporator coils and helps with the heat exchange process.
The defrost timer ensures that the defrost heater runs for the correct interval.
The Y clip is a mounting clip that helps to seal the coil against air leakage.
This secures a closing cam.
This connects the control board to the start device to allow the compressor to operate according to the control board.
The start device is typically an inverter. This starts the compressor.
Controls the flow of air from the freezer into the refrigerator to maintain the target temperature in the refrigerator section.
We cover the blades of the fan.
Under our Platinum coverage, we cover the ice-making function of your ice maker.

Please note that we don’t cover the ice crusher or dispenser, which are handy but not necessary for ice production.

Not Covered

Unfortunately, touch panels generally fail because they have been damaged by being used roughly or exposed to water, both of which are not covered by AFC. The other reason they fail is manufacturing defect, which is the manufacturer’s responsibility.

We do, however, cover the control board that governs the touch screen.
Leaks are easy to resolve yourself. They are almost always due to a clogged water filter or drain pan, an issue which is easily remedied with little or no tools.

Water lines contain no moving parts and malfunction due to clogs, which are easily preventable (see Leaks above).
The refrigerant lines and coils are part of a hermetically sealed system. This system rarely comes unsealed and usually does so due to damage.
Door hinges are easily repaired for much less than the cost of a service fee. Parts are usually available via Encompass, our parts supplier. See our Member Benefits page for more information.
Refrigerator valves only fail due to misuse or rust or corrosion.
We cover the ice maker only under our Platinum coverage. The ice maker creates ice through a process that is separate from the one which cools the refrigerator’s contents, and not every refrigerator has an ice maker.
This is a plastic bucket designed to contain ice. They only fail when mishandled and broken and are easily replaced without any tools.
Shelves and insulation are not mechanical parts, don’t fail unless misused, don’t require a technician to replace, and aren’t part of the primary cooling process.
The water filter should be cleaned or changed regularly as part of routine maintenance on the unit. This increased performance and reduces the chance of leaks.

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