Oven Coverage

Oven, Range, Stove, and Cooktop

Whichever combination you have, whether it's gas or electric, built-in or freestanding, we'll cover it. If you have a double oven, you can get coverage for both ovens by adding an additional oven to your plan for a small fee. Call 1-866-242-0629 for more information.


In electric units, the bake element converts electricity into heat for cooking.
he receptacle and wiring connect the heating element to the unit and position it correctly.
On gas units, valves control the flow of natural gas to the burners.
Sensors monitor temperature and other factors to ensure the unit operates properly
In gas units, this ignites gas to initiate the cooking process.
Turns heat to surface elements on and off and controls heat level.
This is the coil that heats up for cooking with pots and pans on electric units.
These burners heat up the cooking area on the stove/range/cooktop area.
The control board is an electronic circuit board that manages the functions of the unit.
This sensor monitors the oven’s internal temperature to help it achieve the target temperature.
The manifold distributes gas or flame evenly to several areas, to evenly heat the area. This is commonly found on cooktops, and some technicians may refer to this as a burner in that situation.
A transformer controls the current or voltage or electricity passing through it, which allows the right amount of electricity to reach electronic components.

A diode controls the flow of electrical current through a circuit.

Not Covered

Most manufacturer’s offer a warning about the self-cleaning function, noting that it can cause the unit to malfunction and present a carbon monoxide hazard.

You can read about issues with the self-cleaning function here.
The glass has no mechanical parts and only fails due to misuse
Unfortunately, touch panels generally fail because they have been damaged by being used roughly or exposed to water, both of which are not covered by AFC. The other reason they fail is manufacturing defect, which is the manufacturer’s responsibility.

We do, however, cover the control board that governs the touch screen.
The clock is handy, but it’s not part of the unit’s primary function.
Fans, whether for air circulation in the unit itself or for exhaust, are not part of the primary function of the unit, which is generating heat to cook food.

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