Pool & Spa Coverage

Pool & Spa

We cover the major mechanical components of your pool and spa. We cover in-ground pools only, and we cover those parts which are accessible from above ground. Coverage is for malfunctions on these parts, not for upgrades or cosmetic enhancement.


The main pool pump pulls water through the skimmer and pushes it through the filter and back into the pool. It’s the heart of the pool’s circulation system.
The motor powers the pump.
the gaskets ensure a proper seal between pumps and fittings.
The blower creates air flow and channels it through jets in a hot tub. Sometimes called an air pump or a bubbler.
The timer controls when and for how long a pool pump runs.
The pool sweep cleans your pool’s surface by blasting jets of water onto it. The motor provides power to the booster pump that creates the blast of water.
Also known as a backwash valve, this valve allows the water flow to change direction through the filter in order to clean the filter for continued use.
The actuator valve controls one or more diverter valves in your pool’s system, which allows you to start certain features, such as the spa, with the push of a button.
Check valves ensure the proper flow of water throughout the system by preventing water from reverse direction or cycling where it should not.
These valves divert the flow of water throughout the pool plumbing system.
These control various electrical processes.
These control various electrical processes.
The pump provides the blasts of water to the pool sweep that allow it to clean the pool.
The pipes and wiring above ground are subject to temperature changes and, sometimes, the elements. This makes them more likely to need repair.

Not Covered

Filters should be changed as part of regular maintenance. Maintenance is the responsibility of the homeowner. Filters can be purchased easily online through Encompass.
These are items that may be part of a pool but are not part of the primary pool equipment which circulates, filters, and cleans the water for the pool.
Heaters are nice, but do not affect the functionality of the main pool equipment. Heaters and related components are available online through our parts supplier, Encompass.
Lights do not affect the functionality of the main pool equipment.
Solar equipment may provide power to the pool, but it’s a separate system which requires different technicians to repair and maintain.
We do not cover ornamental fountains or waterfalls or the pumping systems for these since they do not affect the function of the main pool equipment.
We do not cover salt water components. This includes salt water filtration/osmosis.
These sensitive electronic components are easily damaged by water or exposure to the elements.
We are here for mechanical breakdowns, not structural damage or issues. These may be covered by homeowner’s insurance.
This refers to the plastic pump housing, which is weather resistant and fails due to damage.
The liner has no mechanical parts and fails only due to damage
We do not cover the jets, which fail due to damage. We also do not cover inadequate pressure in relation to the jets.

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