Septic System

We cover the major mechanical components of your septic system. Find out more below!


This pumps waste water that is below grade up to the septic system or sewage lines.
Also called a Jet Aerator Pump, this pump provides oxygen to the system to help microorganisms break down the organic matter.
This pump circulates air through the system so that microorganisms can breakdown organic matter in an aerobic process (which is must faster than an anaerobic process).

Not Covered

The tank is not a mechanical component and only fails if damaged. We also do not cover tank cleanout or pumping, both of which are regular maintenance activities. We also do not cover issues of insufficient capacity in the system. If the tank or system lacks the capacity to meet the demands of the household, it doesn’t mean the system has malfunctioned. It simply means the home needs a larger tank.
We cover the mechanical components of the septic system such as pumps, so we do not cover the lines.
This plumbing is exposed to the elements and can fail from roots, corrosion, freezing, etc.
These lines runs from the septic system into the surrounding ground. They contain no mechanical parts and fail from damage such as freezing, corrosion, tree roots, etc.
These are the drainage areas where effluent drains into the ground. These contain no mechanical parts and are mostly trenches filled with gravel.
This is an aerobic pump with a grinder attached. We do not cover pumps with grinder functions.

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