Standalone Freezer Coverage

Standalone Freezer

We cover the major mechanical components of your standalone freezer. Read more below!


We cover all major mechanical parts of the freezer but there are limits on what we cover. See the “Not Covered” section.

Not Covered

We’re here to cover your freezer if it experiences a failure, but it’s the homeowner’s responsibility to replace the food.
These items have no mechanical parts and fail only from damage. Parts for some models are available online through out partnership with Encompass.
These are the non-mechanical parts that organize food within the unit
This is just the shell that contains the area where food is held. It only fails when damaged by misuse or accident.
These cosmetic pieces are inexpensive and easy to replace.
These only fail due to damage from misuse or accident.
f these are having an issue, it’s likely because of a clog or damage from exposure to the elements. Even so, these are made to last.
Grates only fail when damaged.
We cover the components that help the unit freeze the food within, but we don’t cover secondary functions like ice production, so we do not cover ice makers, crushers, or dispensers. Parts for some models are available online through our partnership with Encompass.

We also do not cover lights, which are handy but do not affect the performance of the freezing mechanism.
Clogged drains and lines are easily avoided through proper upkeep and are easily remedied without a technician present.
We cover the sealed system of coils and compressor that carry out the freezing process, but we do not cover the freon, which may need to be recaptured or disposed when the unit is being replaced.
Heat exchangers are a closed system and are built to last. Most come with a 20-30 year guarantee, while others come with a lifetime guarantee. They only fail when they crack from water coming down the flue, which is something HVAC technicians monitor during routine maintenance.
These are part of the closed system and are usually changed when changing compressor coils or modifying the system.
Flue piping carries exhaust gases to the exterior of your home. It contains no mechanical parts and fail only if improperly installed or exposed to the elements.
Catches condensation coming off the evaporator coils. This is a pan that contains no mechanical parts.
These pans catch overflows under the coils. They contain no mechanical parts, and if maintenance is performed, the pans will drain properly.
These are the grills that are on the walls, floors, and ceilings of the home. They require nothing more than a screwdriver to replace and are much less than the cost of a service fee. Most do not contain moving mechanical parts.
These components are subject to extreme temperature changes and weather, and so may fail prematurely.

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