Sump Pump Coverage

Sump Pump

We cover sump pumps, which pump groundwater out of basements, garages, and crawlspaces. Coverage is for units which are permanently installed within the foundation of the home or an attached garage.

A sump pump is not a sewage ejector pump. The two have completely different uses but may be installed near each other in the basement. For sewage ejector pump coverage information, see our Septic System coverage.


We cover all parts of the sump pump, but there are limits on what we cover. See the “Not Covered” section.

Not Covered

Our coverage is for permanently installed units. Portable units can be easily replaced without the assistance of a technician.
The sewage ejector pump is not a sump pump. A sewage ejector pump moves waste water from below grade areas (like basements) to septic systems or drain plumbing. Items that that are excluded because they are in no way related to the sump pump.
For coverage of the sewage ejector pump, see our optional Septic System coverage.
This water comes from drain pipes, not from groundwater.
These keep sewage from flowing backwards.
These valves only fail due to misuse
We’re here to cover the sump pump itself, not to provide plumbing upgrades. If the plumbing is insufficient for a new unit and must be altered to accommodate a replacement, the homeowner will be responsible for those costs.


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