Tankless Water Heater Coverage

Tankless Water Heater Coverage

We cover the major mechanical components of your tankless water heater. Find out more below!


As water moves through the unit, the heat exchanger exposes the water to heat generated by electricity or natural gas. This heats the water quickly as it passes by through the appliance.
We cover the electronics in your tankless water heater.
Sensors collect information about temperature, flow rate, and other factors to ensure safe and effective operation.

Not Covered

If the hot water takes awhile the start flowing through the faucet, this really doesn’t have anything to do with the hot water heater. The cold water sitting in the pipes must first empty before the hot water can flow. The flow rate of the tankless water heater influences how hot the water will be, but cannot shorten the wait time for hot water.
The thermostats are less than the cost of a service fee to replace. Besides, they are made to last and only fail when damaged. Parts for some models are available online through our partnership with Encompass.
Units that are too small for the home will not sufficiently heat the water. No repair will change this.
We do not assist with natural gas issues. Please call your local gas utility if you need repair. If you smell gas or suspect a leak, call the gas utility or the fire department.
Tankless water heaters require relatively little maintenance, but maintenance is still the homeowner’s responsibility.
Because of their relatively simple design, troubleshooting is not too common on tankless water heaters. Nevertheless, we’re here for the repair, and the service fee should cover any troubleshooting, diagnosis, or exploratory labor.


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