Well Pump Coverage

Well Pump

We cover the major mechanical components of your well pump. Our coverage is for well pumps that provide the main water source for the home.



This pumps water from the well up into the home.

Drive Coupling & Cap

The drive coupling connects the motor to the pump.

Air Volume Control

This valve maintains the proper air pressure charge to prevent the pump from turning on and off too frequently.

Flow Kit Control

This valve prevents backflow and is located between the discharge valve and the check valve.

Foot valves

These are anti-siphoning valves.

Torque Arrestor

Pumps normally rotate in a direction that would unscrew plumbing fittings. The torque arrestor prevents that from happening.

Not Covered

Non-pump Well Components

We cover the well pump and associated components, but not the entire well itself. Here are some items that are not part of the pumping system.

Well Casings

Holding & Storage Tanks

Well Casings

Well Re-drilling

Pressure Tanks

Drop Pipe

Booster Pumps - These pumps pump water into holding tanks after filtration.

Well Pump Components for Geothermal or Water Source Heat Pumps - These components are for a system that uses well water for your HVAC system and is unrelated to pumping components that provide water to the home for drinking, bathing, etc.

Piping or Electrical Lines between Pressure Tank and Main Dwelling - This includes wiring from the control box to the pump. This exterior wiring is exposed to the elements and damage.


Digging/Locating/Retrieving Pump

Our coverage is for technicians to repair or replace components, not for digging out the well, which requires heavy machinery.

Pressure Switches & Gauges

These generally do not fail but are generally used in conjunction with parts of the system unrelated to the pump

Check & Relief Valves

Like most valves, these only fail due to damage and are usually used during maintenance. They are often found on holding tanks, which are not covered.

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