How can a home warranty help with plumbing issues?

Good plumbing is one of the functions we count on most in our homes. It brings about as much peace of mind as cooling air conditioning in the summer and cozy warmth of the furnace in the winter. Here at AFC Home Club, we think you ought to be able to relax about your plumbing too.

We cover all interior plumbing, toilets and piping, but our services don’t stop there. We also put the wall back to a rough finish condition, which is something many of our home warranty competitors fall short on.

You can count on us for items such as visible interior leaks and breaks of water supply pipes, drain, vent and waste lines, dishwasher supply lines, toilet tanks, bowls, shut off valves, toilet wax ring seals, flush valve, refill tubes, ballcock, flapper, fill valve, overflow tube, tub valve, and diverter angle stops, rinse and gate valves, hose bibs and p traps.

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Curious about how to maintain your home all year? We’ve got you covered for that too.

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