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With an AFC Home Club plan buyers, sellers and agents can be protected against costly breakdowns after the purchase of the home. Home buyers can move in with assurance knowing that their new home is protected against unexpected system or appliance failures. This membership and its benefits has been proven to bring buyers confidence in their new home purchase decision.

You can attract home buyers today when you include a membership from AFC Home Club. Experienced real estate agents know that when they sell a previously owned home, the buyer will likely suffer from a system or appliance breakdown during the first year of ownership. With an AFC Home Club plan we give you an advantage that can make selling homes more enjoyable and much faster!

AFC’s Home Club Benefits:

• We have one of the lowest service fees in the industry.

• No age restrictions on your clients home and no inspections are required.

Earn higher commissions – sell for approximately 4% closer to asking price.

• Sell the home faster.

• We offer 1 and 3 year coverage periods.

• No waiting for quotes. You can avoid last minute negotiations on older homes.

• We have a wide choice of plans and coverages.

• We pay our claims. Keep your clients happy after the sale.

• We have a national network of technicians.

• Your client receives a $25.00 restaurant.com gift card every month along with a family emergency service plan (EAN).

• We can prepare invoices for quick and easy closings.