Samsung Refrigerators: Top Features and Their Benefits

couple cooking dinner in their kitchen in front of their refrigerator

When it comes to your home, you do your best to make sure you have the best appliances available for your budget. Samsung’s line of appliances offers some of the best in technology, and their refrigerators combine that technology with the accommodation of keeping your food at the proper temperatures. Here are some of the Samsung models available on the market, and ways you can protect these amazing units in the event that you run into issues.

Bespoke Refrigerator

Glass doors on a Samsung refrigerator

Among the models of Samsung refrigerators are Bespoke refrigerators. The Bespoke provides a unique touch in decor to the kitchen with 12 colors and finishes to mix, match, and make your own. Samsung lets you select the panels you want now, and change them as you go at no extra cost. These units run from $2,000 to just over $4,500. These different finishes never affect how you access your refrigerator or freezer, adapting easily to Samsung french-door refrigerators (more on that later).

While unique designs and the guaranteed strength of a Samsung appliance are invaluable, it doesn’t hurt to have protection in the event of a breakdown or issues with your unit. AFC Home Club provides customers with plans that are designed to allow you to request a technician 24/7 for a monthly payment. You adjust that monthly service fee as suits your budget. That eligible purchase amount makes sure that your refrigerator stays running at a safe temperature, and that you aren’t left waiting for service under a warranty.

4-Door Flex

modern kitchen with high-end appliances and stainless steel refrigerator

When shopping for a new refrigerator, you may want to consider a unique approach with the Samsung 4-door Flex model. With separation into two French doors, a middle refrigeration unit, and a bottom freezer, this design provides a unique touch to your kitchen and its accessories. Plus, when paired with Samsung smart technology, you can bring your home’s WiFi into your kitchen, utilizing the Family Hub to keep track of the busy schedule you have ahead for the day.

4-door flex refrigerators are also designed to maintain different temperatures to prevent food spoilage, saving you even more money on your grocery budget. These fridges run from $2,500 to just under $5,000. With the AFC Home Club Platinum Plan, you’ll be able to protect all elements of these refrigerators from the smart technology provided by Samsung to the electricity that could short circuit the unit.

French Door

couple cooking dinner in their kitchen in front of their refrigerator

Just like French doors when you walk into someone’s house, Samsung’s French door refrigerator model allows you to have a different design for your refrigerator with separate access points and shelving units to let you get a full assessment of all your fridge has to offer to make a great meal. You can also choose the counter depth and dimensions to make it a perfect fit in your kitchen. With an AutoFill water pitcher or beverage center, you can see why the Samsung side is the one to take to upgrade your appliances.

With three and four-door models, including bottom freezers, Samsung French door refrigerators come in white glass and stainless steel, suiting the look of your kitchen. In addition to promotional offers from Samsung, you can take assurance that your AFC Home Club plan will protect you in the event of equipment issues. With monthly service fees as low as $50, you can set up an appointment with a technician with ease. Anyone in the U.S., except in Hawaii, can avoid some of the best coverage money can buy.


stainless steel fridge in large, open kitchen

With a side-by-side refrigerator, you’ll be able to adjust your temperatures accordingly with the help of Samsung’s Flexzone technology. This will keep food safety at its peak, making sure your Samsung fridge isn’t operating at an unsafe temperature. Plus, with a door alarm to alert you to too hot or cold of a temp or a door being ajar, you’ll be able to stay on top of your food inventory. With varying cubic feet, you’ll be able to accommodate enough counter depth to hold all your grocery shopping.

Side-by-side refrigerators are among the more functional for families and are within a reasonable budget of $500 to $1,500 to keep your foods cool. You may need to look into a separate freezer option for your kitchen or garage depending on how much you need to keep frozen. AFC Home Club allows you to modify appliance protection plans to include other systems and units, such as a standalone freezer or other home systems like a septic tank or water heater.

Top Freezer

top freezer refrigerator in small funky home kitchen

Samsung’s products are the top of the line from top to bottom, by which we mean top to bottom freezers. A top-freezer refrigerator is a model that most of us are familiar with. Ice cream and ice trays up top, and the rest of your non-frozen perishables below. However, these models have evolved to include Samsung’s Touch Screen Family Hub. This hub lets you manage your calendar, follow along with recipes you’ve found online, and set the ambiance via WiFi right in the comfort of your kitchen.

Similar to side-by-side models, top freezer models are great for accommodating families and are within a reasonable budget for families running from around $750 to just over $1,500 for a unit. These fridges may also feature the likes of a water dispenser or ice maker, but it’s important to make sure those tools are protected. AFC Home Club’s gold plan, for example, will protect your refrigerator in the event of necessary repairs, but not the ice maker, so be sure to explore your options.

Speciality & Kimchi

Stainless steel kitchen appliances in large modern home kitchen

With dozens of models to choose from, Samsung knows that people have different needs for their refrigerators. With their Kimchi line, Samsung offers the opportunity for more capacity, even if you specifically need these just as a standalone freezer. You’ll be able to use these specialty models at a power freeze mode, designed to hold things at an ideal temperature based on the digital thermometer that comes with the unit.

Kimchi and specialty refrigerators run anywhere from $2,000 to $3,000, and can also work with the 4-door flex or Bespoke models based on your kitchen decor needs. These Samsung models are also up for protection under AFC Home Club’s variety of plans, which lets you request service as often as you need it. There is no limit on the number of times you can request service, and the number of service requests does not affect your rate. It may be time to welcome Samsung appliances and these warranty plans into your home today.

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