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Appliances and systems within your home will eventually breakdown. AFC can help you protect your budget from unexpected repair bills that come with those breakdowns.

AFC Home Club Plans & Pricing

Silver Plan

9 Appliances

Home Warranty Appliance Plan

Protection for common household appliances.

Platinum & Gold Plans

Up to 18 Appliances & Systems

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Combine coverage for added savings. Protects all major systems and appliances

Systems Plan

6 Systems

Home Warranty Systems Plan

Protection for common household systems.

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Buying or selling a home?

AFC Home Club provides comprehensive home warranty plans specifically designed for home buyers and sellers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Homeowner’s insurance generally covers large structural issues and physical damage due to weather, fire, or theft. AFC’s coverage is designed to pick up where homeowner’s insurance leaves off, covering the daily operation of the systems and appliances in your home.

A service request follows these basic steps:

  1. When you need repairs on home systems or appliances, call AFC at 855-613-4555 or place a claim online.
  2. We’ll dispatch a technician promptly to your home—you can also choose your own if you like. You will pay the technician the service fee.
  3. The technician will diagnose the problem and contact us.
  4. The technician’s diagnosis will determine whether the issue is covered by AFC. Once approved, the technician will repair or replace the covered item with a similar or like  system/appliance based on equipment of similar features, capacity, efficiency and value.
  5. We will contact you after repairs are completed to make sure that they have been done to your satisfaction.

Home protection coverage insulates your budget from sudden repair costs. Instead of paying full retail price for repairs, you pay the premium for coverage and the service fee. With one of AFC’s plans, you’re covered for major and minor repairs on a long list of parts and components.

We do not require a home inspection to qualify for an AFC Home Club membership.  Any issue that occurs after your 30-day waiting period is eligible for coverage.

Note: Plans purchased upon sale of a home may be eligible for coverage to begin immediately—see Real Estate FAQs for more information.

AFC offers free enrollment several great memberships that help protect more than just your home. Visit our Club Benefits page to find out more!

It’s easy! You can make requests online or over the phone—simply dial 1-855-613-4555 or click here.

Yes you can. Our in-house service line is operated 24/7, so you can call 855-613-4555 at any time . Claims can also be made online.

Keep in mind that most technicians are not available after regular hours, and our service staff may be unable to make contact with technicians until the beginning of the next business day. We are not an emergency service, but you can contact an after-hours technician for late nights, holidays, or weekends—we accept repairs from any licensed, insured technician.

Factors such as demand and workload can affect how soon technicians are able to make repairs, but it’s our responsibility to have the appointment scheduled within 24-48 hours during normal working times.

If the technician’s diagnosis determines that the item cannot be repaired (often because parts are no longer available), the technician will repair or replace the covered item with a similar or like  system/appliance based on equipment of similar features, capacity, efficiency and value.

If the cost of repair is higher than the item’s value, we’ll give you the item’s fair market value towards a new item.

Yes. Please call 855-613-4555 or request service online.

Of course! While we have a great nationwide network of technicians, you also have the option to choose your own as long as they are licensed, bonded and insured. You can learn more about it here.

A work guarantee refers to a length of time after a repair during which the homeowner will not have to pay if the same issue occurs again. Most home warranty companies will guarantee a repair for 30, sometimes 60 days, but AFC Home Club offers the longest work guarantee in the industry: we’ll guarantee the cost of parts and labor on repairs for the life of the plan.

You can request service as often as you need it. There is no limit on the number of times you can request service, and the number of service requests does not affect your rate. Ever.

Different plans cover different items— basic information can be found on our Plans page.

For more specific details on coverage, visit our What’s Covered page.

Of course! Our What’s Covered page features sample contracts in PDF format PLUS detailed explanations of how our plans work.

You do not need a home inspection or maintenance records to purchase coverage, but AFC requires that HVAC systems receive annual maintenance in order to be eligible for coverage.

This means that homeowners need to have a technician perform preventative maintenance, also called a tune-up, on the unit, and be ready to present the documentation to our service staff when requesting service for a failed HVAC system.

Yes! We offer a number of add-on coverages like pool & spa, septic pump, tankless water heater, and more. Visit our Plans & Pricing page for more information.

You can request service as often as you need it. There is no limit on the number of times you can request service, and the number of service requests does not affect your rate. Ever.

AFC provides coverage in every state except for Hawaii, California, South Carolina, and Nevada.

Coverage begins 30 days after enrollment and receipt of applicable membership fees. One-year plans continue for 365 days from your signup date and three-year plans continue for three times as long.

Note: Plans purchased upon sale of a home may be eligible for coverage to begin immediately. See the Real Estate FAQ section for more information.

Unfortunately, we cannot cover everything in your home; however, AFC Home Club has some of the most comprehensive coverage in the industry.  We cover items that are in good working condition and are properly maintained at the time of enrollment.

You can download our sample membership for a specific list of covered items, limitations, maintenance requirements, and any exclusions.

Yes! AFC Home Club offers four different plans and plenty of optional coverages.  Items such as a well pump, pool and spa equipment, septic systems, stand-alone freezers, ice-makers, plumbing stoppages, and tankless water heaters are available for an additional fee at the time of enrollment.

You can customize a package to fit your needs any time.  Simply call 1-866-242-0629 and let us create a personalized plan or do it yourself online.

30 days from the date of renewal, we’ll start getting in touch with you regarding renewal. For questions regarding renewal, call 1-866-242-0629.

Yes, you can cancel at any time. With AFC Home Club, you are not locked into a contract.

If you cancel within the waiting period, you will receive a refund. After coverage has become effective, you will receive a prorated refund based on the months not used in the plan and less any service or claims costs incurred by AFC Home Club. A $75 cancellation fee may be applied.

Yes! Just call 1-866-242-0629 to transfer the plan to the new homeowner.

You can start protecting your home with a plan at any time, but in order to take advantage of special real estate pricing and terms, you must set up the plan within 15 days of closing.

For plans purchased as part of the sale of a home: with a valid home inspection report, we can begin coverage immediately upon closing of the home, waiving the standard 30-day waiting period and using your closing date as the beginning of the policy.

Please note that any issues with covered items that appear on the home inspection will have to be resolved before the item will be covered (see the next question below).

Typically, any issues found in the home inspection report should be addressed by the seller prior to closing. Known pre-existing conditions that show up on your home inspection report will not be covered by AFC or any company in the home warranty industry.

When you have repairs done prior to closing, hold on to any proof-of-repair invoices. These invoices help AFC confirm that your home had no pre-existing issues when your membership started.

A home inspector notes whether or not the unit functions at all, but doesn’t conduct any in-depth tests. Service Champions, a Northern California HVAC company, explains:

Home buyers assume that the home inspector has tested their heating and air conditioning equipment. But the home inspector may simply turn on your furnace and air conditioner to make sure they work…. HVAC systems, like cars, can work even if there are major problems.

By contrast, preventative maintenance is performed by a licensed HVAC contractor and is geared towards increasing the lifespan and performance of your unit. During maintenance, technicians not only inspect the unit but also clean filters and coils and make any adjustments necessary. Learn more about preventative maintenance and its benefits here.

The price depends on the type of plan and service fee amount that you choose. Check plans and pricing online or call  1-866-242-0629 for a quick free quote.

When you request service, you will have to pay your set service fee set for each issue. This payment goes to the technician, and the service fee amount is set by the plan when you sign up—AFC offers $75, $100, and $125 service fees.

You are also responsible for any costs not covered by the plan. Details on limitations of coverage can be found here.

Yes! Pay-in-full and monthly options are available.

Yes, multi-property discounts are available. Call 1-866-242-0629 to speak with a sales representative for discounted rates.

As an AFC Home Club member, you will pay a set service fee (either $75, $100, or $125) each time you request service. This fee goes directly to the technician (plumber, HVAC technician, electrician, etc.).

The amount of the service fee is set by the plan when you sign up. Plans with a higher service fee amount are generally less expensive than plans with a lower service fee. 

Giving homeowners different service fee options allows them to find coverage that meets their needs and budgets at the same time.

For example,  since homeowners with a newer home and appliances are less likely to need frequent service, they might want to save money on their plan premium by choosing a higher service fee. Homeowners with an older home may anticipate requesting service more often, and may save money by choosing a lower service fee.

No. We’ll offer you the same rate and service fee that you had when you signed up, plus you will be eligible for discounted three-year rates available only to renewing customers.

AFc Home Club Benefits

Now that you’ve protected your home, safeguard your identity and credit, too—for FREE! Your AFC Home Club membership includes free credit monitoring and identity protection alerts from MoneyTips. You’ll instantly receive a full-color credit report that brings your credit score to life and delivers personalized tips to improve it. Plus, you’ll get ongoing alerts if someone tries to compromise your identity or your credit. Protect yourself from hackers and identity thieves: claim your MoneyTips membership now!

Every homeowner knows that a house requires constant upkeep. If you need maintenance-related parts and supplies, or even if you just want to upgrade your home, you can now pay the same rate that AFC does for parts. Through our partnership with Encompass, our national parts supplier, you’ll receive our special discount pricing for over eight million genuine parts. You’ll also receive the same quick delivery.

A DealCash membership offers savings at thousands of participating restaurants and retailers nationwide, as well as hundreds of premium online partners like Amazon, GrubHub, Lowes, and Land’s End. Whether you’re looking for clothing, home goods, office supplies, or a night on the town, DealCash can save you money—up to 50% in some cases. You even can find deals on family activities like adventure camps and theme parks.

While other AFC Home Club benefits watch over your wallet, Emergency Alert Network watches over your safety. When the unexpected occurs, EAN works with emergency services to provide personnel with vital medical information and alert those closest to you. In case of an emergency, EAN automatically contacts up to four people of your choosing, notifying friends and family of the situation. EAN’s emergency specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and your information is collected in their secure database to ensure your complete privacy.

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