Here's How it Works

It’s important to have options. Options mean freedom: the freedom to be in control. And when it comes to your home, AFC Home Warranty gives you that freedom like no other company does.

We give you a choice of plans and tailor them to fit your home. We give you a choice of service fees to best suit your wallet. And if you like, we let you choose your own technicians.

Our network of technicians is the best in America, and we constantly use feedback from homeowners to ensure that our network includes only knowledgeable, skilled, and courteous professionals.

But maybe you’d like to use someone you trust—someone who knows your home and it’s appliances or who comes highly recommended by your friends and neighbors. AFC Home Warranty makes it easy to work with whomever you like.

Can I Really Use Anyone?

You can call any technician who is licensed, bonded, and insured. The vast majority of technicians that advertise will fulfill this requirement, but handymen and day laborers may not. You can ask to be sure, and we will verify their license information when they give us their diagnosis for the repair.

How It Works

Contact Us When Something Breaks

If any of your systems or appliances break down, you have two options: you can call our 24-hour service line at 770-973-2400 or request service through our online portal.

In each case, you’ll be asked if you want to use your own technician.

If you don’t know your technician’s info, that’s okay. We’ll get it from them when they call in the diagnosis.

Call Us With The Diagnosis

When the technicians are in your home and have diagnosed the problem, call our service line before they begin the repairs. We’ll get your information and take the diagnosis from the technician, then get a quick approval for covered repairs. Once the repair is approved, your tech can get right to work.

It’s important to call us before beginning repairs so we can verify that the technician is licensed and go over the options you have regarding repairs and replacement. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay the full cost of repair to the technician upfront and wait for a review of your coverage before you can be reimbursed.

Verify The Repairs

As soon as the repairs have been completed, we will check with you to make sure that everything has been done to your satisfaction. Once that’s done, we will pay the technician via a company credit card over the phone, via Paypal, or via electronic check. If your technician prefers a mailed check, we can accommodate them. In most cases, you’ll just pay the service fee set by your plan.

An Example

While getting ready for work one Monday morning, John finds that he has no hot water. John has coverage with AFC Home Warranty, so he calls the service line and explains the situation, including the fact that he’d like to use his own plumber, someone who has worked on his home several times over the years. John then calls his plumber, who says he’ll come over tomorrow and check out the water heater and the supply lines.

The next day, John’s plumber comes out and inspects the water heater, ultimately determining that the problem is the heating element. The plumber explains that his service fee is $75, and the repair will cost $250.

John calls AFC’s service line and has the plumber give the diagnosis to service, who calls back seven minutes later with approval for the repair. Since the service fee for John’s plan is $75, that’s all he pays, and AFC covers the remainder, paying the plumber over the phone with a company card.

Benefits To Technicians

Some technicians have had issues with home warranty companies in the past and may be reluctant to work with AFC. But AFC works differently than a home warranty company. First, as we’ve detailed above, we pay at the time of repair. Second, if technicians wish to join our network, we don’t charge referral fees, so they can increase their business at no cost.

To find out more about our plans and coverage, click here. Technicians and contractors interested in joining the AFC network can learn about it here.

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