Like many homeowners, Kristy Harrison is handy. “Any little thing I feel comfortable accomplishing,” she tells me, “small repairs, yard work, [replacing] rotted wood. We paint.”

Standing in the front yard of the metro-Atlanta home Harrison purchased in 2017, it’s clear that she works hard to keep things looking nice. Her lawn is manicured and well-landscaped, her driveway is tidy and pressure washed, and her house looks almost new with its fresh paint job. Even her dog is well-groomed.

A Concerned Homeowner

For Harrison, though, her home is sometimes a source of anxiety. A professional with an office job, she budgets carefully, but still worries about unknown disasters on the horizon.

When asked what in particular keeps her up at night, she answers, “Any major expense—the air conditioner, the furnace, the major appliances that could go out at any time. The fireplace, or the dryer that would blow up.” Some of those issues, she says, “would majorly put me into debt.”

This concern for her home and her bank account is what led Harrison to purchase a Platinum home warranty plan from AFC when she bought her home.

A home warranty is a service contract that protects homeowners against expensive repair costs when appliances and home systems break down from daily use and normal wear.

She worried that something might eventually malfunction in her new home, but she didn’t expect to use her warranty coverage almost immediately.

A Major Breakdown

About a week after she moved in, she noticed that her home felt a little stifling. She checked the vents around the house and discovered that none of them were blowing cool air. As the day went on, the temperature inside quickly increased.

“All of the sudden it’s the middle of August and we’re sweating,” Harrison says. While she feels confident with some home repairs, fixing an air conditioning system is beyond her skill level.

Panic began to set in. It’s the peak of the summer heat in Georgia, a time when AC technicians are booked solid. During heat waves, homeowners may have to wait a week or two before someone.

Even then, she wasn’t sure who to call to repair or replace her AC. Who would be reliable? Who would be affordable? Which companies should she avoid? She remembers thinking, “How are we going to get through this?”

Help Is On The Way

Then Harrison remembered that she had home warranty coverage through AFC Home Warranty. She called our service center, which is in-house and available 24/7, and requested repairs. In short order, we sent a technician out to her home.

As is common with AC repairs, diagnosing the exact issue isn’t always possible on the first visit. Our technician checked the whole system and ultimately refilled the coolant (sometimes referred to as freon) in the unit, which restored the system’s cooling ability.

The technician warned, however, that this solution may be temporary, and that Harrison may need to call them again soon.

Because her plan includes air conditioner coverage, she simply paid the service fee she chose when she set up her home warranty plan. AFC covered additional labor and coolant costs.

A Lasting Solution

“That lasted maybe a week,” says Harrison, referring to the temporary fix, ”So we had them come back out, and he determined that the compressor was bad.”

At that point, given that the unit not only had a freon leak, but several other issues, the technician determined that the unit needed to be replaced.

The technician coordinated with AFC to replace the unit, and Harrison ended the day with a brand new air conditioning system at a fraction of the cost she would have paid otherwise.

Cool air once again blew through the vents in Harrison’s home.

She also had a work guarantee from AFC for her new AC unit that lasted the life of her plan. If she had any problems with that unit during her coverage period, AFC would repair it at no cost to her. She had peace of mind, at least when it came to the air conditioner.

Kristy’s Review of her AFC Home Warranty

Looking back on the ordeal, Harrison appreciates how AFC took control to make repairs simple and quick. “AFC makes things convenient,” she says, “It’s always nice to know that somebody will be there at the drop of a hat.”

One thing that helped reduce stress throughout the process was the step-by-step communication Harrison received from our service center. She appreciated being kept in the loop with updates. She elaborates: “From email to text to phone call, I get it immediately. I can’t rave enough about customer service with you guys. It’s just amazing.”

She liked the repair contractors AFC sent to her home, calling them polite and “professional.” But she also appreciates the ability to use a technician of her choosing if she wishes.

When Harrison called AFC to file a claim, she expected hassle and delay. Instead, she felt that AFC’s service representatives worked quickly to address her issues and that AFC remained true to the home warranty coverage we advertised. In her opinion, this puts AFC ahead of other home warranty companies.

“You always hear that home warranties don’t cover stuff, but with AFC I’ve never had an issue,” states Harrison, “So it’s nice to know that you can trust somebody.”

In fact, have assisted with several other appliance and home system repairs, including a major plumbing system leak, a refrigerator malfunction, and a built-in microwave replacement. Kristy was satisfied with AFC’s service in each instance.

or Kristy Harrison, the coverage isn’t just about saving money. When asked what keeps her coming back to AFC for home warranty coverage year after year, she responds, “The security. Knowing they will be there.”

Want to Know More About AFC Home Warranty?

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If you have questions on covered items or finding a plan that covers your home, visit our FAQ page or call 844-979-2344 to speak to one of our warranty experts.

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