Picture it: It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon during the first month in your new home. You’re enjoying the day and getting ready to load the dishwasher when you notice it isn’t responding. When you look closely inside the appliance, it’s clear that something is wrong. But, with a home warranty, you’re in good hands. Otherwise, you’re going to need to start looking for your own contractor or your own technician and pay for repairs out of pocket.

Whether you’ve recently purchased your landmark first home or you’re a first-time buyer who’s just beginning to do some deeper research, chances are you’ve heard about home warranties. Even if you’re not buying a home that’s all that new, a home warranty can reassure you and make you feel more confident about your purchase. Especially since home prices continue to climb in some metro areas, some extra reassurance is always beneficial.

However, many homeowners neglect to invest in a home warranty. For starters, sometimes it’s easy to confuse homeowner insurance with a home warranty plan, even though the two aren’t interchangeable. Also, some buyers don’t know how warranty plans work or where to find a high-quality home warranty company. For first-time homebuyers, experienced homeowners, and everyone in between, here are a few reasons you need a home warranty and how you can find a home warranty company that you can trust.

What Is A Home Warranty?

A home warranty and homeowner insurance are two significantly different concepts. Homeowner insurance, for instance, covers environmental hazards, perils, and certain types of home damage that impact the property’s structure and the homeowner’s possessions. These insurance plans have specific use cases and rarely protect against normal wear. Specific home protection plan options also have exclusions that won’t cover particular belongings, so you must read the fine print before choosing an insurance plan.

In contrast, a home warranty covers repairs and certain expenses for many appliances and home systems. In a sense, a warranty is more of a contract between the home buyer and a home warranty coverage pro like AFC Home Warranty. Home warranty coverage usually includes specific home repairs. However, AFC Home Warranty takes a different approach than many home warranty companies.

While many sellers and lenders require you to have active insurance, fewer require you to work with a home warranty provider. Because of this, you might not even be aware of the home warranty coverage options available to you or how to go about finding the best home warranty company. In addition, you may know even less about financial protection against expensive repairs, deductibles, and how these warranties differ from a manufacturer’s warranty.

Home Warranties Are Typically Affordable Home Protection Plan Options.

If you’re purchasing a new home and you’re trying to budget for the cost of a home warranty, it might be more affordable than you think. On average, a warranty company will provide a homeowner with a home warranty quote. This home warranty cost can vary based on the property type and whether you’re choosing a basic plan or an extended home warranty contract with additional coverage. Unless you’re preparing for the purchase of a home that’s brand new, the property’s age typically won’t factor into your warranty expenses.

Depending on the structure of your home, whether you have a garage, and whether or not there are any guest structures, you may be fine with a standard plan or general plan option. If it’s your first experience, however, many buyers prefer comprehensive coverage, especially in this unprecedented time. No matter what you select, you’ll end up paying an annual premium or monthly payment depending on the payment plan you select. Depending on your specific policy, there may be additional fee structures for each time a service provider, technician, or contractor visits your home to examine your home’s systems and make a proper assessment. On top of that, if your problem requires multiple technicians (say, you need both a plumber and an electrician for a specific project), you may have to pay the service fee for each service call.

Home Warranties Help Repair Your Major Appliances And Home Systems.

When you’re buying a home or moving into a new house, the last things you want to deal with are hidden expenses and immediate repairs during your first month. Whether the air conditioner is on the fritz or the water heater isn’t cooperating, you don’t want to be on the hook for costly repairs and expensive fixes. That’s why a warranty is the industry standard for many buyers and sellers. Your real estate agent may even recommend this optional coverage as a way to protect yourself while you’re buying a new house.

Typically, when you select home warranty coverage, you’ll go into specifics as to which appliances and home systems are covered system options under your plan. Selecting covered item options provides some additional peace of mind when you’re working with your tankless water heater, septic system, air conditioning, refrigerator, plumbing, or other major home systems. Your service contract is there to help you and your warranty company’s customer service can guide you through appliance repair requests and service call fee options to help get your systems repaired.

From your heating system or HVAC system to your sump pump or garage door opener, AFC Home Warranty provides exceptional coverage options and unique benefits that make it easier for you to get repairs during breakdowns and handle issues around the house without overwhelming your emergency fund.

Your Warranty Can Save You Money Over Time.

Especially if you’re a new homeowner, it’s smart to think beyond homeowners insurance and consider how repairs and new equipment services can start to add up. If your ductwork, AC unit, hot water dispenser, or kitchen refrigerator breaks down, it could cost hundreds, if not thousands, to repair. However, depending on your system coverage, service contract, and trade call fee, it’s much more affordable to let your warranty take care of the malfunction. The right home warranty industry coverage can help you avoid some of the drawbacks of homeownership and make it easier to connect with an AFC Home Warranty house service team when you do need assistance.

Of course, you’ll want to discuss any exclusions with your warranty provider. Exclusions are typically only the items that you didn’t purchase coverage for so you can discuss add-ons and additional plan authorization when you get a free quote for service. When you purchase a home service plan, the goal is often to never have to go through the claim process. However, if you do, you should be able to guarantee that you have coverage for the systems, fixtures, and appliances that need it most.

A Home Warranty Goes Beyond General Repairs.

In lieu of repair, or when repairs aren’t a viable option, your home maintenance plan will help you offset the actual cost of a covered system should you need to upgrade that. If a service call or home inspection reveals that your major home systems (electrical systems, ductwork, plumbing stoppages, HVAC) or your covered appliances (think ice makers, microwaves, washers, dryers, and garbage disposal systems) require fixes and improvement, AFC Home Warranty takes much of the stress out of homeownership by assisting you when you need to find fixes for your chosen systems.

We have a variety of plans so it’s easier for you to find the type of plan or type of coverage you need the most. Your AFC Home Warranty plan goes beyond repairs and aims to provide exceptional service that beats the industry average. For a new home, older home, or anything in between, an AFC home warranty is a great choice. It provides the comprehensive coverage you need and adds the extra security that many real estate professionals recommend when you’re buying a home. Coupled with regular preventative maintenance and you have a home care solution that’ll last.

AFC Home Warranty Empowers Homeowners And Club Members.

AFC Home Warranty aims to cut down on response times so you’re not stuck in looking for the right coverage plan or filing service requests. An AFC Home Warranty is the right choice for any homeowner that’s looking to take the guesswork and uncertainty out of buying a home and our different plans speak to that.

Our company’s plans include the Silver Plan, Gold Plan, Platinum Plan, and Systems Plan options so you can find the perfect fit of home service club services for the life of the plan. It’s the smartest way to ensure your home appliances, different items, and major systems are covered by your service agreement. Plus, our superior customer service helps you feel secure for the lifespan of your covered appliance or system.

With additional benefits and comprehensive plan options that provide the coverage you need, AFC Home Warranty’s services are a must for homeowners that want to avoid hidden costs and unforeseen expenses. Especially in an uncertain real estate market, it’s always smartest to ensure you have the necessary coverage and protections to help you buy and sell with the utmost confidence. Contact AFC Home Warranty today to learn more about our home warranty plans, comprehensive services, and how we put homeowners first.

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