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When someone comes to your home to fix something, you want it done right. That’s why contractors and technicians offer a work guarantee for the repairs they make to your home’s systems and appliances.

A work guarantee ensures homeowners that repairs are lasting, and that if anything was done improperly, the technician will correct their mistakes free of charge. Homeowners can feel confident that they aren’t paying for shoddy workmanship or defective parts. How confident homeowners feel depends on the strength of the guarantee.

AFC’s work guarantee beats everyone else in the home warranty industry (and most contractors themselves) with the longest guarantee anywhere.

What Is A Work Guarantee?

When a contractor repairs an item in your home, whether it’s an air conditioner, water heater, or electrical panel, the contractor makes a binding promise to the homeowner. The promise states that the contractor will return to amend any mistakes or issues related to that repair.

As part of this promise, the contractor usually agrees that if they return to correct the repair, they will not charge the homeowner for the cost of their time or the parts used. Some contractors will only guarantee parts, not labor.

The guarantee lasts for a certain length of time. The timespan depends on the technician and/or the home service company with whom they are working.

How AFC Does It Better

Most companies offer either a 30-day or a 60-day guarantee. That’s simply not enough: duct tape can hold things together for a month or two, but lasting repairs should be backed by a lasting guarantee. Because AFC works with top-notch technicians, we’re able to offer the best guarantee in the biz.

AFC guarantees parts AND labor on repairs for the life of the member’s plan. For one-year plans, that’s a one-year guarantee. If a member has a three-year plan, AFC will pay to repeat that repair if the problem occurs again any time during the next three years of the membership.

Even if the technician only guarantees the part for 30 days, we still cover the repair for the life of your plan. No other company in the home warranty industry does that. Plus, the work guarantee applies even when you choose your own technician, provided that they are licensed (sorry, your uncle Phil does not count).

An Example

Frank has one year left of coverage in his three-year plan with AFC. The compressor goes out in his air conditioner, and AFC sends out a tech to fix it. The technician completes the repair and Frank confirms that everything is working again.

Frank now has a 3-year parts-and-labor guarantee on his AC compressor. Even though Frank only has one year left in his plan, when he renews his coverage, the time left on his guarantee rolls over into his new policy.

Fast forward a couple years. One year into his new policy, his AC compressor fails again. AFC promptly sends out a technician who replaces the compressor with a new one. Frank pays nothing and stays cool in the heat.

If you want more examples of AFC’s great service, check out our reviews and customer stories.

What Exactly Does The Guarantee Cover?

The work guarantee applies to the cost of parts and labor on any repair made by a technician who is fulfilling a service request for AFC Home Warranty, except for plumbing stoppages.

Why don’t we offer a work guarantee when a plumber clears a clogged drain pipe? No plumber or home warranty company can control what items go down your drain, so they can’t guarantee the issue won’t occur again.

For the same reason, we do not offer the work guarantee when we recommend that items be replaced. If the homeowner chooses to repair rather than replace the item, they will be liable for future repairs.

Keep in mind that a work guarantee covers a specific repair, not the entire item. For instance, if a technician replaces the compressor in the AC unit, but the following year the blower motor malfunctions, the blower motor would not be covered by a work guarantee. This is because no repairs had been performed on the blower motor previously.

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