AFC’s Unbeatable Workmanship Guarantee

Home warranty workmanship guarantee

With the longest work guarantee in the home warranty industry, AFC Home Club goes the extra mile to give homeowners peace of mind that their systems and appliances will be repaired properly and completely.

What Is A Work Guarantee?

When a technician or contractor makes a repair, they often guarantee the cost of parts for a certain period of time. If the part fails during that period of time, the technician will not charge the homeowner for the cost of the part when they make the repair a second time (although some still charge for labor). The length of time depends on the type of part and the individual technician.

How AFC Does It

With AFC Home Club, we guarantee both parts and labor for repairs for the life of the plan. For customers with a one-year plan, that means a one-year guarantee. Three-year plans carry a three-year guarantee.

If customers renew their plan, the remaining time left on the work guarantee rolls over to the next policy term. Here’s an example:

Joe is six months into his one-year plan with AFC and needs the compressor on his refrigerator replaced. The technician makes the repair and offers a 30-day work guarantee. AFC lets him know that, through his Home Club membership, the repair is guaranteed for the life of the plan. 11 months later Joe has renewed his policy with AFC and his refrigerator compressor fails again. AFC sends a technician to replace the compressor, and Joe pays nothing.

Is AFC Really Better?

Most home warranty companies only guarantee repairs for 30 days. Few nationwide companies offer guarantees longer than 60 days—less than 20% of AFC’s shortest work guarantee.

Unlike other companies, AFC also allows homeowners to choose their own technicians for repairs. AFC does more than other companies or even technicians themselves to ensure repairs are completed to the customer’s satisfaction.

Why It Matters

Home warranty companies that offer short work guarantees have no incentive to make sure repairs are completed correctly the first time, often relying on the homeowner’s service fee and the technician’s work guarantee to pay for any subsequent repair costs.

Some companies treat a repair like a Band-Aid®—they only care about a temporary solution that gets rid of the problem’s symptoms. At AFC, we’re dedicated to lasting repairs that correct the issue at its source.

Better Technicians

AFC is able to offer the longest work guarantee in the industry for one simple reason: we use better technicians. We work with techs with a rating of four stars or higher and use customer feedback to ensure that homeowners are receiving quality service. When we pick better technicians, homeowners receive better repairs.

When homeowners choose their own technician, we still honor the work guarantee. People choose their own technician because they trust them, and we’ve found that these technicians usually deserve the trust placed in them.

Better technicians, better repairs, and a longer work guarantee all add up to more savings for home-owners.

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