Maintenance tips your washer and dryer

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When life is going well and your appliances are humming happily along, it’s easy to forget what life is like when your appliances don’t work. Even though your AFC Home Club representative is only a call away to set up an appointment for a licensed professional to check your appliance out, it’s still aggravating to miss even a moment of them working appropriately. Your dirty clothes pile up, or even worse, you have wet clothes that are mildewing while you wait to get your dryer fixed. In short, it’s a pain.

By maintaining your washer and dryer, you can avoid this aggravation all together. Here are few easy and simple ways to keep your washer and dryer working well:

  • Replace the rubber hoses that supply hot and cold water to your washer, which can become brittle over time, potentially leading to flooding.
  • Keep your dryer vent clean by removing visible lint every time you’re using it.
  • Go the extra mile for your dryer by disconnecting the exhaust pipe and remove any lint every 3-6 months.
  • Have a top-loading washer? Open the lid and leave it open to allow it to dry out and prevent bacteria build-up, which can really smell over time.
  • If you’ve got a front-loading washer, it also needs to dry out. After removing wet laundry, towel-dry the washer drum and rubber gasket after removing wet laundry. Then leave the door open until the drum is completely dry.

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