Yes, home warranties typically cover plumbing, but not all plans are the same. Different home warranty companies offer different home warranty plumbing coverage.

Plumbing leaks can make even the handiest homeowner pick up the phone for help. And fixing plumbing issues can be expensive. Luckily, AFC Home Warranty offers home warranty policies that cover you when you need plumbing repairs.

This post provides basic info on the plumbing system, common plumbing issues, typical repair costs, and how a home warranty helps with those repairs.

What Is A Home Warranty?

A home warranty is a service that helps homeowners when their home’s systems and appliances break down.

When a covered item in your home breaks, your warranty company will send out a contractor and assist with the cost to repair or replace the malfunctioning item. For covered issues, the homeowner usually just pays a small service fee rather than paying the entire repair bill.

AFC lets you choose your own technician and offers the longest workmanship guarantee in the industry.

Plumbing System Basics

A typical plumbing system in a residential home in America consists of supply lines and drain lines.

Supply Lines

A main water supply line brings water into your home from the city or county source, and once in the home, that water is piped to the various outlets where it can be used: sinks, spigots, washers, and tubs and showers.

This line is typically made of copper, especially the main supply line, but sometimes pipes made of PVC, Pex, or CPVC are used inside the home as well. The line is pressurized—that’s why water flows out of the faucet as soon as you turn the handle that opens the valve.

This is also why leaks or breaks in the water supply line will spew water until the water is shut off either for the whole house or at the meter.

Drain Lines

Drain lines, also known as drain-waste-ventilation lines, move waste and waste water out of your home to a sewer line or septic system.

Drain pipes are typically wider than supply pipes and run at a slope to allow waste and waste water to move efficiently toward the main sewer or septic system.

The drain lines in your home feature P-traps, which keep sewer gases from coming back up the drain and entering your home.

Common Plumbing Issues

The most common plumbing problems are leaks and line breaks that can cause gallons of water per minute to empty into your home.

Your pipes are subject to intense pressure and strain year after year, which is why leaks are fairly common in American homes. Daily wear and tear often results in a sudden, drastic leak which needs immediate attention.

Drain lines, like those connected to your sink, shower, or toilet, can also become clogged and backed up. Toilets also feature moving parts that can malfunction, or wax ring seals that can fail.

Typical Repair Costs

Because plumbing repairs are labor intensive and require expert knowledge and advanced math skills, plumbers are expensive to hire.

Costs vary depending on the amount of parts and labor needed to make the repair. Location is also a factor: repairs in expensive states and cities are more expensive than in cheaper areas.

Home Advisor lists the following prices:

  • Average cost for a plumber: $327 nationally, with an average range of $175-$480
  • Fix leaking pipe $150-$350
  • Drywall repair costs $250-$750
  • Clearing clogged drain $200
  • P-trap replacement: $200-$325

A typical plumber’s service fee, or trip charge, starts at $125. Whatever the issue, you’ll usually pay at least $125 to have a plumber come to your home. Without a warranty, you’ll pay this fee regardless of whether or not any repairs are performed.

What A Home Warranty Covers

AFC offers four plans that cover the plumbing system: the Gold plan, the Platinum plan, and the Systems plan.

These plans will cover you when your interior supply lines or drain lines break or leak. They’ll also cover the cost of removing and replacing drywall if the pipe must be accessed through a wall or ceiling.

AFC’s home warranty coverage also includes the toilet and water heater as well as some valves (such as hose bibs). The dishwasher supply line is also covered, as are the P-traps that are an essential part of a drain line.

The Platinum plan also covers faucets and plumbing stoppages, and most plans cover the water heater in addition to plumbing. Additional coverage is available for septic systems, sump pumps, and even hot water dispensers.

In addition to plumbing coverage, AFC’s plans also cover home appliances and systems including electrical and HVAC (heating and air conditioning). Our comprehensive coverage and great customer service work together to give you the ultimate peace of mind for your home.

What Isn't Covered

A home warranty covers plumbing inside the home, so plumbing that is outside the home or under your slab is not covered. Depending on your homeowner’s insurance, slab leaks may be covered by your insurance policy.

AFC does not cover improperly installed or repaired plumbing. Essentially, this means that we don’t cover DIY repairs gone wrong. Before you go buy a plumbing wrench, give us a call first.

The coverage doesn’t cover damage, which is typically covered by homeowner’s insurance. That means the repair is not covered if pipes are accidentally damaged during renovation or due to freezing temperatures.

For more information on our plans and to find out exactly what is and isn’t covered, read through our Plans page.

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